Day #3 in pictures
8-11 June 2024

Day #3 started in Molde and ended at Beitostølen. From Scandic Seilet we drove along the Fannefjord to Eidsvåg and into Eresfjord for a coffee break. Then we followed the Langfjord via Vistdalen valley to Romsdalsfjord, through Isfjorden village and Åndalsnes to Trollveggen, where we had lunch. We continued eastwards through Rauma valley to Lesja, where we turned south and climbed Slådalsvegen on our way over the mountain to Vågåmo. We continued southwards on road 51 through Randsverk and across Valdresflye mountain plain to Beitostølen, where we had our final dinner and spend the night. 
Photos by Peter Sederholm.

Friedrich Knutsen on his 1942 Albin Monark military 500cc.
Between Molde and a bit up the Rauma valley it was overcast with occasional showers. However that didn't break the riders spirit. The cloud ceiling was quite high offering good views of the steep surrounding mountains. The tarmac was smooth and the roads windy with almost no traffic. Not bad at all!
Rund Frøvik hansen has some weather protection behind the windscreen on this 1939 H-D model W 750cc SV.
Carl Fredrik Peschken participate as a support rider on his 1964 MZ, for his father Peter who rides the 1927 220cc Puch.
Coffe break on day 3 at the old schoolhouse at the hamlet of Øverås in Eikesdal.
Gerrit Miedema and Ilse Rohrwick back on the school-bench in Eikesdal. It seems to be recess as they are eating and not studying.
The kitchen in the schoolhouse where Hilde Øverås (middle right) and her daughter - plus some other female volunteers -served home made waffles and cakes plus coffee.
Photographer Peter Sederholm takes a well deserved rest inside the old school in Eresfjord