Day #1 in pictures Trondhjemsridtet
8-11 June 2024

The start was outside the Aircraft Collection at Gardermoen. The route on the first day went north via Hurdal and along Lake Mjøsa, past Gjøvik and Lillehammer to lunch at Hunderfossen. We continued up Gudbrandsdalen to Ringebu where we took road 27 over the Venabygd mountains and then followed the Atna watercourse past Rondane National Park. Then we rode through Grimsdalen valley to Bergsgrendi in Dovre and ended the day at Dombås Hotel for dinner and overnight stay. Photos by Peter Sederholm.

Ton van Es and his beautiful 1934 Harley-Davidson VL in "Orlando Orange and Black"- a one year only color combination. Behind is Edwin Keijzer and his Harley-Davidson 1200cc model FL "knucklehead".
"Clerk of the Course" Kim Jarre on the rider briefing before start.
Outside the the Aircraft Museum (Flymuseet) next to Gardermoen Airport before start.
Knut Lindstad prepares his 1922 Harley-Davidson 1000cc model J before start.
Svante and Åsa Wallin behind their 1937 Nimbus combo, preparing for start.
Doug Wothke from USA included Trondhjemsridtet on a European tour, on his 1937 Rudge "Ulster" 500cc.
Knut Lindstad on his 1922 Harley-Davidson 1000cc model J in "Brewster Green".
Håvard and Anita Hegg handled the luggage and the check-ins during the entire event.
Half of the Serviceteam after start on Saturday. (The other six were on their way towards Dombås already). From left Arne, Kim, Edel, Frank, Olav and Peter.
Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick ready for start on their 1939 Nimbus combo. Weather protection was in order.
Ton van Es has a wet start outside Flymuseet on Saturday morning. The speaker is Frank Ivar Aarnes.
Edel Rustebakke did a number of tasks during the event, here she gives the start signal to the riders. It was rainy! Bent Granberg tries to gives her shelter. (He was on the Trondhjemsridtet 1919 Serviceteam up to 2022 and came to see the start).
Peter Melchert on his 1939 NSU riding up Gudbrandsdalen on Saturday.
Einar Inge Haugsnes rode a 1920 Indian Powerplus 1000cc.
Johnny Henden on his 1942 Zündapp KS 750 combo.
Rune Frøvik Hansen rode a 1939 Harley-Davidson model W 750cc.
Heinrich and Ilse Rohrwick and their trusty 1939 Nimbus 750cc model C combo.
Peter Peschken on his intrepid 1927 Puch 220cc two-stroke, the smallest bike participating. Peter has ridden the Puch on a number of Trondhjemsridt and he never gives up!
Ralf Thorvald on his 1937 Harley-Davidson mod. UL 1200cc sidevalve. The first part of the Saturday was rainy but did't stop the seasoned riders.
Rikard Bengtsson on his 1936 Husqvarna 500cc sidevalve whcih has a beautiful muffler in cast auminium.
Paul Hotvedt on his 1931 "three cylinder" Harley-Davidson 750 sidevalve.
Jens Kristian Haaning Andersen on his 1943 Nimbus 4-cylinder 750cc.
Durk Miedema on a 1939 Harley-Davidson 750cc sidevalve.
Jörn Winter on his 1941 Indian Chief.
Erik Petersen with his 1942 Zündapp 750 combo
Roald H. and Anne-Karin W. Pedersen participated in their 1932 Morgan "Aero" - the only participating cyclecar.
Bjørn Ove Husøy on his Nimbus series C 750cc straight 4 "Bumblebee".
Roy Jönsson is alway happy - on or off his 1944 Indian.
Rikard Bengtssons 1935 Husqvarna mod. 112SV 500cc at rest.
This 1937 Indian Chief was piloted by Torkel Kristoffersen.
Ulf Torry Sandberg rides over the mountains on his 1949 Norton 500cc model 18.
Start no. 1 Gunnar Hop on his 1916 Harley-Davidson model F 1000cc. This bike could have participated in the first Trondhjemsridt in 1919!
Start no. 2 Sverre Dreng Hop rides a 1944 Ariel W/NG 350cc, together with his father (start no. 1).
Friederich Knudsen passing through beautiful Grimsdalen on his 1942 Albin Monark 500cc army-model.
Timo Rohrwick riding his 1928 Harley-Davidson model JD 1200cc on the gravelroad through Grimsdalen.
Father an son riding through Grimsdalen. Peter Peschken on 1928 Puch and support rider and son Carl Fredrik Peschken on MZ 1964.